Getting in Shape: How I lost 30+ pounds in Three Months

Those who read my blog know I had a baby boy back in August of 2017. Having a baby is great, but as time passes post-baby, I always get a hankering to be active again. I am the type of person who is competitive, and likes to stay in decent enough shape to do activities I … Continue reading Getting in Shape: How I lost 30+ pounds in Three Months

April and May Goal Update

Last Month I don't know about everyone else, but Spring has been a busy season. Without realizing it, April passed by and May started. This past month I haven't been writing much, due to a lifestyle competition I finished and my husband completing his final classes for his degree. I have also been prepping planter … Continue reading April and May Goal Update

March Goal Update

Last Month There is something I am learning about my goals as a mom of three. They are hard to do when life happens. I did better in February than January, but still struggled to do a couple goals. However, despite not being able to reach all of them, I haven't gotten discouraged. My family … Continue reading March Goal Update

February 2018 Goal Update

To make this year more productive, I am setting goals each month. I will give a brief update on how my goals went last month, and then set new goals for this month. For January, I shared my year long goals and set nine monthly goals. My goals for January were: Sign up for dōTerra's … Continue reading February 2018 Goal Update

Starting 2018: New Years Goals

I know it is cliché to write down New Years Resolutions. Just like that Hallmark chick flick you shamefully click on, resolutions always come back in January. It reels you in with a slightly different storyline than the year prior and the same plot of a happy ending. You see the error in your ways, … Continue reading Starting 2018: New Years Goals

Looking Deeper Part I: I Do Therefore I Know

Over the past few years, there have been extraordinary strides towards body positivity and body acceptance. Movements have been formed, advocates are coming out, and changes are noticeably happening within the fashion industry. More than one body type is being represented, and women are slowly gaining confidence in how the world sees them. There isn't … Continue reading Looking Deeper Part I: I Do Therefore I Know

4 Remedies to Alleviate Pregnancy Back Pain

As I am nearing the end of my pregnancy, it is a time of great joy and annoyance. I am ecstatic to reach the final stage, but as each week passes, my movement becomes more awkward as baby gains more weight and presses on my hips. The last weeks of pregnancy are almost a cruel … Continue reading 4 Remedies to Alleviate Pregnancy Back Pain

3 Outfits For The Post-Partum Plus-Size Momma

A few weeks back, I posted about some styles for clothing that could be used as comfortable alternatives as maternity wear in plus size. Along with that, I thought it would be fun to also include fun, trendy clothing you can use during pregnancy and nursing post-partum. One thing that became apparent to me after … Continue reading 3 Outfits For The Post-Partum Plus-Size Momma

The Taming of Three Pregnancy Shrews

When I was thinking about starting a body positive blog, one of my mental debates stemmed from whether I should start now or later. The main reason for this was because I am currently 33 weeks pregnant. I knew it might be a challenge taking pictures of myself, writing posts while managing physical limitations, and … Continue reading The Taming of Three Pregnancy Shrews