Halloween Costumes 2018

Those of you who know or follow me on Instagram have seen my random spurts of creativity. Sometimes I am inspired by something I see in a store, or I feel like replicating characters from my favorite shows. The challenge of overcoming obstacles is something I value, and I find that with each artistic challenge … Continue reading Halloween Costumes 2018

Getting in Shape: How I lost 30+ pounds in Three Months

Those who read my blog know I had a baby boy back in August of 2017. Having a baby is great, but as time passes post-baby, I always get a hankering to be active again. I am the type of person who is competitive, and likes to stay in decent enough shape to do activities I … Continue reading Getting in Shape: How I lost 30+ pounds in Three Months

Becoming a Mother of Three

With celebrating Mother's Day, I wanted to share my journey to Motherhood. My story of becoming a mother didn't have the smoothest start, yet it is my firm belief that the experiences I faced, molded me into the woman I am today. I was often told as a kid that bad things can happen in … Continue reading Becoming a Mother of Three