Hello ladies and welcome to

The Pulchritudinous Perspective

My name is Jennifer Johnson, I am a quirky mother of two boys (soon to be three), and I am here to give you a glimpse into my life as a plus-size woman and my thoughts on the importance of loving your body.

Some of you may be wondering, “what is with that funky name?” Well I will enlighten you! The word Pulchritudinous (pul-kruh-too-di-nuhs) means having great physical beauty or describing a person as being heart-renderingly  beautiful. You never would guess that such a funny name, that seems to come from Mary Poppins would have such a deep meaning, right?

I chose this name for three reasons:

  • It reflects my silly personality, while emulating my feelings about how I view myself internally and how I view my body externally.
  • The hope that my writing will inspire women to see that no matter what their shape, changes in body, or stages of life, they are beings of worth and beauty.
  • And lastly, how I desire all women to cultivate a genuine respect and love for their bodies, that in turn will bring confidence when facing adversity or even self doubt.

Having dealt with my own insecurities and changes in my body throughout my life, I deeply understand the struggles and emotions that come from not feeling comfortable in your own skin. Whether you are skinny, tall, short, curvy, a mother, or a working woman, we all have felt those lulls in life that have made us feel not worth it. My hope is that by sharing my experiences and insights with you, I can give you an empowering boost during those times, and a reminder of how pulchritudinous you truly are.