April and May Goal Update

Last Month

I don’t know about everyone else, but Spring has been a busy season. Without realizing it, April passed by and May started. This past month I haven’t been writing much, due to a lifestyle competition I finished and my husband completing his final classes for his degree. I have also been prepping planter boxes getting them ready for planting vegetables and fruits. Because of this, my blog was put on the back burner a bit, but I have not forgotten and I have been itching to write. I have a few posts in store for this month that I hope are interesting and insightful. I am also finishing up a post that is a continuation from my “Looking Deeper” posts.

For this month’s goals, I wanted to focus and zero in on writing. At the beginning of the year, I signed up for a lifestyle and wellness competition, which helped me to focus on good health habits during my day to day routine. I ended up losing thirty pounds during the first three months, and I plan to write and share what I did throughout that journey. I also want to highlight a very supportive community that has helped me stay motivated as I get back in shape post-baby. The posts this month will have big focus on health and wellness as I share my experience with getting back in shape and my feelings about body positivity. I also plan to share my thoughts on Motherhood this month as Mother’s Day is approaching. It will be a month filled with sharing personal, meaningful experiences. Stay tuned!

Year Long Goals

  • Family and Friends
    1. Keep in touch with family and friends more.
    2. Get my family to the Burger Bash (family reunion)
    3. Get to my High School ten year reunion.
    4. Try and have family night once a week.
    5. Start reading scriptures as a family.
  • Health
    1. Learn to cook and make more meals from scratch.
    2. Cut back on eating fast food with family and only eating out twice a month.
    3. Get back in physical shape.
    4. Run a 5k.
    5. Go to the Tough Mudder in October with family and friends.
  • Blog
    1. Write 2-3 posts monthly
    2. Reach 1,000 views by the end of the year.
  • Comfort Zone
    1. Build a Youtube channel (still thinking of what to do with this).
    2. Audition for Torrid’s model search.
    3. Learn a Foreign Language.
    4. Learn a K-pop dance each month (because I can’t dance and they can haha).

April and May Goals

  1. Focus and plan blog posts
  2. Balance study time
  3. Get back into a cardio and weights schedule


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