March Goal Update

Last Month

There is something I am learning about my goals as a mom of three. They are hard to do when life happens. I did better in February than January, but still struggled to do a couple goals. However, despite not being able to reach all of them, I haven’t gotten discouraged. My family got sick this month, so instead of focusing on a couple monthly goals, I opted for focusing on family time and planning out my trips for the year.

I have learned that with goal setting, learning your limits and learning how to adapt go hand in hand. Have patience with yourself and keep on, keeping on.

Year Long Goals

  • Family and Friends
    1. Keep in touch with family and friends more.
    2. Get my family to the Burger Bash (family reunion)
    3. Get to my High School ten year reunion.
    4. Try and have family night once a week.
    5. Start reading scriptures as a family.
  • Health
    1. Learn to cook and make more meals from scratch.
    2. Cut back on eating fast food with family and only eating out twice a month.
    3. Get back in physical shape.
    4. Run a 5k.
    5. Go to the Tough Mudder in October with family and friends.
  • Blog
    1. Write 2-3 posts monthly
    2. Reach 1,000 views by the end of the year.
  • Comfort Zone
    1. Build a Youtube channel (still thinking of what to do with this).
    2. Audition for Torrid’s model search.
    3. Learn a Foreign Language.
    4. Learn a K-pop dance each month (because I can’t dance and they can haha).

March Goals

  1. Write 2 more blog posts.
  2. Practice foreign language for 5 minutes daily.
  3. Open up my foreign language practice books.
  4. Plan out blog posts.
  5. Start reading scriptures a couple times a week.
  6. Publish my next goals post by the first week of April.

What are you goals for April? I would love to hear them!

One thought on “March Goal Update

  1. Jody Bitterman says:

    I had set goals for this month but they were blown out of the water before I could really get started. You are totally right about having to adapt when needed. You don’t need kids at home to have things chance all of a sudden.


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