Starting 2018: New Years Goals

I know it is cliché to write down New Years Resolutions. Just like that Hallmark chick flick you shamefully click on, resolutions always come back in January. It reels you in with a slightly different storyline than the year prior and the same plot of a happy ending. You see the error in your ways, and you want to make the new year better and more productive. There is nothing wrong with that. Every person should strive to be better than they were the day before.

With the best intentions, our passion to start the year off right is ignited, but towards the middle of the year we find that motivation slowly starts to fizzle out. The problem I come across is the little thing I like to call “life”. I know I am not alone because, I have heard others like myself, use the phrase “life happens” to excuse us from doing the things we should be. Granted, some of those moments are unavoidable, but I will admit that a majority of the time I willingly make the excuse.

Therefore, here I am. Writing the very cliché thing that I know might fizzle out halfway through the year. Why am I setting goals you might ask? Well to be frank, I want to accomplish things this year and have fun.  I have three boys, so I am not without my own share of “life” and things to do. I keep plenty busy. Nonetheless, I realized that a lot of what I do doesn’t really give me an outlet for being creative or give time for hobbies I love. That is something I need in my life, because kids are hard. Being a parent is hard and “adulting” is just hard in general. Even though goals can be challenging for a whole year, it gives me something to focus on. It helps me grow personally while at the same time keeping me happy.

How will I do this you ask?

First, I have decided that I am not going to try to change my lifestyle to suit my goals, but instead change how I do my goals to suit my lifestyle. Second, my wise sister and her roommate recommended a way to plan out my goals. A way that gave them a lot of success in 2017. What they did was set as many goals as they wanted for the year. They then broke down each month into nine goals. The goals monthly can be part of the year-long goals or can be completely unrelated. When I asked why the limit was nine goals monthly, they said it was because the brain can achieve about nine goals each month. Sounds pretty legitimate, I will go with it.

Here are my goals.

Year Long Goals

  • Family and Friends
    1. Keep in touch with family and friends more.
    2. Get my family to the Burger Bash (family reunion)
    3. Get to my High School ten year reunion.
    4. Try and have family night once a week.
    5. Start reading scriptures as a family.
  • Health
    1. Learn to cook and make more meals from scratch.
    2. Cut back on eating fast food with family and only eating out twice a month.
    3. Get back in physical shape.
    4. Run a 5k.
    5. Go to the Tough Mudder in October with family and friends.
  • Blog
    1. Write 2-3 posts monthly
    2. Reach 1,000 views by the end of the year.
  • Comfort Zone
    1. Build a Youtube channel (still thinking of what to do with this).
    2. Audition for Torrid’s model search.
    3. Learn a Foreign Language.
    4. Learn a K-pop dance each month (because I can’t dance and they can haha).

January Goals

  1. Sign up for dōTerra’s Slim and Sassy Competition.
  2. Start weights and strengthening exercises by second week of January.
  3. Build eating schedule between 10am-6pm
  4. Plan out and prepare three different freezer meals for family.
  5. Finish two more blog posts.
  6. Post a food video on The Wagon
  7. Plan a Girls night with friends
  8. Plan out Family nights for every Monday this month.
  9. Get back into a good sleep schedule.

Well, those are my goals for the year. Some will definitely be challenging, but that is part of the adventure. Every month I will update on what my nine goals will be for the month as well as give an update on how my previous month did. I want to have a way to hold myself accountable for my progress, and what better way to do it than through my blog! Here’s to a more productive year than the last!

Like and share if you enjoyed this post. If you feel inclined, please share your goals for this year and ways you motivate yourself to complete them!

One thought on “Starting 2018: New Years Goals

  1. Jody Bitterman says:

    So my goals are to get the house done so we can get it on the market and to also keep up with the routine I started last year and start some core workout. I just need to stay the course and finish what I started and then keep it stable afterwards. Not as easy as it sounds. Then I can give myself a treat for getting to my goal. I have already planned out what the treat is, just don’t know when it will happen yet.

    Liked by 1 person

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