A Star Wars Halloween Episode One- The Cute Force

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year. I don’t love it for the candy, although it is a perk. I love Halloween for the creativity it offers me. As a kid, my amazing mother would make my costumes. Whenever I dressed in a costume my mom made, it made me feel special and one-of-a-kind. I didn’t make it easy for her either. I wanted to be things like Belle, the Pink Power Ranger, Card Captor Sakura, and Sailor Moon. However, my mom always did her best to make the costume I desired, and for one night I could be my favorite character.

That love of costumes has continued in my life as I have put together costumes for myself and now for my kids. The difficulty my mom had replicating my favorite characters, is made a lot easier today with patterns and cosplay becoming more popular than it has ever been. My creative outlet is now limitless, and my resolve is further strengthened in creating amazing costumes for my family. I started off small with a monkey suit for my first baby, and since then I have created some of my sons’ favorite characters such as Totoro and Batman. Each costume being unique and special for my children.

Even though I love expanding my skill set making costumes, sometimes life has different plans. This year was one of those years. Since I had a baby in August, I have been a tad short on energy and sleep. Time waits for no mother when it comes to handmade costumes, so this year I whipped together some amazing costumes on short notice. This year we wanted to do Star Wars as a family. By “we,” I mean me. The new Star Wars movie is coming in December, so this was a perfect opportunity to make costumes for Halloween and have some for the new movie. Just wait, your hearts will melt at the sight of my little Ewok.

My hope with compiling these ideas is to provide a good resource for putting together your own quick costumes if you are a procrastinate or have a large family like mine. This post, Episode One, will focus on the kids in my family. My following post, Episode Two which will focus on the parent costumes.

Lets Begin! May the Force be With You.

Luke Skywalker

Items Used:

  • Karate Uniform
  • Khaki pants
  • Kids Utility Belt
  • Disposable Ace bandages

My eldest wanted to be Luke Skywalker this year, and I geeked out a little that my son chose this iconic character. He wanted to look like Luke from Episode IV: A New Hope. For those who aren’t a nerd like me, it is what Luke wears on Tatooine and when he first encounters Obi Wan. The costume consists of  kimono-like wrap, belt, sandy colored pants, and shows a wrap up the leg. Of course, don’t forget the light saber.

To start my search, I looked through things we had at home. I ended up finding his khaki pants, and some disposable ace bandages for the bottom part. I recommend using the disposable kind, because they will stick without using pins. The picture above shows what it looks like with and without the bandage wrapped.

For the top, I went to a thrift store and found an old karate costume which I purchased for $6. If you cannot find a karate uniform, any form of robe that crosses over will do. I have seen others use bathrobes for kids or if you have the time you can make your own. A good pattern to start with is Simplicity 1037, which can be found online or at Joann Fabrics. I had no luck finding a belt for my son’s tiny waist, so I ordered a utility belt online for $10. I bought it from a company called Superfly Kids (link is here). Altogether his costume was fairly cheap only spending $16, and the items purchased are ones I can reuse later for future costumes.

FN-2187 or Finn

Items Used:

  • Disney Finn Jacket
  • Black shirt
  • Black pants
  • Brown shoes

My boys love the Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. My second eldest loves the droid BB-8, but since mom didn’t have the brain capacity to create BB-8, we opted for Finn as his second choice. Finn was pretty simple to put together, because in Force Awakens he wears mostly black except for Po Dameron’s rebel jacket. I started at the thrift store and found some black pants and found some pretty awesome shoes that go well with the jacket and break up the black. For the black shirt, I ended up at Hobby Lobby and found a plain black t-shirt for underneath.

The jacket was trickiest, because I was able to find a lot of brown jackets in teenage and men’s sizes, but not small kids. I eventually caved and entered a forbidden place; the Disney store. If you have the money to spend, then the disney store has a great Finn rebel jacket (link here). It might not be the best for rain weather, but there is fleece lining inside which will keep your child warm if you are in cold weather. The best and cheapest outcome would be to find a cheap brown jacket. All you would have to do is add small detailing on the shoulder and chest of the jacket.

I will be honest, my creative side was a little sad at not finding a plain brown jacket, but that sadness could also have been the gut puncher that are Disney prices. Let’s just say  my son made out like a bandit with an early birthday gift, and he has been wearing it non-stop since.

The Ewok

Items used:

  • Bear suit
  • Old brown t-shirt
  • Buttons (optional for styling)

I am not ashamed to say that I may or may not have prompted this year’s Halloween theme, because I wanted to see my new baby as an Ewok. In all fairness, he already had a bear suit, so I was already halfway done with his costume. Plus, my kids like Star Wars and dressing up together is fun, right?

To create a simple baby Ewok costume, you just need two things: a bear suit and a worn out t-shirt. I had both of those already on hand, so this costume literally cost me nothing to put together. In a way, it kind of made up for the expense of my son’s jacket. To put it together, all you need to do is:

  1. Put your baby in the bear suit, and then apply the old t-shirt using the neck hole of the shirt as the opening for the Ewok hood.
  2. Take the shirt and locate where the ears are at and mark it.
  3. Cut open the ear holes
  4. Then cut the rest of the shirt to fit the baby.

The best part about this costume was that it didn’t need to be perfect. I could cut the fabric and if it was jagged it looked great. For fun, I added some buttons to look like he was wearing a buttoned hood. I almost died when I saw him. I think I might have killed some of my family members with his cuteness.

That was it for the kids costumes. Keep an eye out for Episode Two, and find out what I put together for my husband and me!

Continue to Episode Two.

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