3 Outfits For The Post-Partum Plus-Size Momma

A few weeks back, I posted about some styles for clothing that could be used as comfortable alternatives as maternity wear in plus size. Along with that, I thought it would be fun to also include fun, trendy clothing you can use during pregnancy and nursing post-partum.

One thing that became apparent to me after having my first son; I was getting tired of wearing my maternity clothes. It wasn’t surprising, because as practical as maternity clothes are, they aren’t the most flattering after baby. They get a little stretched out and worn from the previous months, and they can sometimes be a little depressing to look at. Especially as your body is returning to normal, and after exercising to lose the baby pounds. It is only natural over time to have the “wanting to look nice” itch come back. In my first pregnancy, I remember all I wanted to do was feel comfortable in my clothing and I didn’t care what I looked like. However, now I have developed a desire to seek out clothes that I not only feel comfortable in, but look nice in post-pregnancy as well.

A huge drive in this came from me wanting to go on nice dates with my husband, or wanting to go out with friends for a girls night. I didn’t want to wear my old maternity cotton shirts. I wanted to wear outfits that made me look young and feel beautiful, while at the same time accommodating the needs of my little newborn. Not to mention, you can save a pretty penny by finding clothes that you can multipurpose for nursing, and wear later when you aren’t. Two birds, one stone.

As I was thinking about characteristics I like to look for in blouses or dresses, I came to these four criteria:

#1- Does the top or dress have a V-neckline or a wrap that I can shift over to nurse?

#2- Does the fabric stretch or is it loose enough to move the neckline for nursing without stressing the seams?

#3 – Do I feel comfortable with the cut and look of the fabric, or do I need to wear it with something underneath? (In reference to sheer fabrics or if you are someone who prefers to cover cleavage)

#4 – Would I wear this later even if I wasn’t pregnant or nursing? (Purpose: Shopping on the dime, and loving it in the store).

Here are a few examples of some cute outfits I purchased back in Spring that look great, and accommodate nursing a little one. Be warned, it was earlier in the season when I got these, so I have a lot of very feminine florals. Not to worry though, the places I got these blouses and dresses have more options in solids and prints if florals aren’t your thing.

A Feminine Hi-Low Dress

This was a cute hi-low dress that I bought from Pink Blush Maternity. Pink Blush does have maternity wear in plus sizes, but they unfortunately only reach up to a 3x (about a size 20). This dress is a cute rose pink which also came in a navy and deep red. I chose a hi-lo dress, because I wanted to have a shorter dress during the summer months in my pregnancy, and into the Fall season since the weather would still be warm. This dress is a little heavier being made with spandex and polyester, but it breathes well and stretches with a growing tummy. It hit just below my bust due to my belly, but after I have the baby it will sit slightly lower. I know it will look adorable with my new little one too.

Flowy Georgette Blouse

This elegant top was one I found at Torrid. I picked this one, because it is a light airy blouse that flows nicely. It reminds me of the kimono-like styles that I have seen in blouses from the past. It fit my pregnant belly very well, and the neckline allows for nursing post-partum. The open sleeves may not be for everyone, but I find that it helped me feel cooler during the summer. The fabric is made of polyester and is slightly sheer. It also has an elastic band at the waist, so it will had some give as my baby tummy grew bigger. When I have my baby, the waistline will drop a little lower than my bust line.

Rose Surplice Babydoll

I think out of the all the purchases this pregnancy, this blouse was my absolute favorite. It is another blouse from Torrid, and I love the feminine feel to it. It has a beautiful rose pattern and is made with a light, sheer polyester fabric. This shirt doesn’t have an elastic waist like the one above, just a normal seam. To counter this, I got the shirt in a size above what I wear to make sure that I don’t stress the seam when I am nursing. I did notice that Torrid has this same style of shirt in other patterns and colors as well. The style of shirt is a surplice babydoll top, so if you search the style on Torrid’s site (link below), you are bound to find more options in prints. For fun, I paired the blouse with my favorite maroon leather jacket that I also purchased from Torrid. I look forward to wearing this on a date with my husband post-baby!

As I mentioned before in my previous posts, it can be hard to find trendy clothes for plus-size women that serve a function for pregnancy and nursing. Again, don’t lose hope, there are options and they are closer than you think. One day there will be nice, chic, and young looking clothing for plus-size mothers in more stores than just a few. Until then, go with your preferences in style and don’t be afraid to find clothes that make you feel good post-partum. It is a good confidence booster to dress in something that makes you feel and look good as your body is adjusting to the new changes in your life. So go out and find clothes that make you feel beautiful and sexy. Most importantly, have fun! You can do that and still be an awesome mom.

Please share with me any cute or trendy clothes you have found and used post-partum!

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